Hernia mesh lawsuits boom – Yet market is projected to grow
August 15, 2018
hernia mesh complications
Four ways to cope with hernia mesh complications after surgery
October 1, 2018

What is hernia mesh and why are people suing over it?

Surgical mesh is implanted in the body of thousands of people every day yet certain hernia mesh devices have often been linked to medical complications. Used for decades in the surgical field, polypropylene (a plastic-based mesh) was recalled and withdrawn from the market in the North America and Europe. Though manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon once claimed that polypropylene was safe, studies have shown it has been known to degrade. Patients who have been implanted with the mesh have experienced chronic pain, nerve damage, hernia recurrence, infection and other complications that can often be irreversible. Complications following hernia surgery can become so bad that patients can not work, sleep and/or function as they did prior to their operation. This may led to lost wages, having to go into surgery for a second or third time, emotional stress, spousal tension and more.

Dangers of Hernia Mesh

In the past ten years, manufacturers have experimented with different types of mesh products with the aim of making a cheaper and more competitive device. The quality of mesh dropped significantly. Instead of strengthening the hernia so that it could heal, mesh products - such as those made with polypropylene - were debilitating. Some products manufacturers produced were not even cleared from medical use yet they were implanted in patients’ bodies. The unnecessary risk taken by manufacturers caused a number of complications in patients that included:

  • Hernia Recurrence
  • Infection
  • Chronic Pain
  • Intestinal Problems
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Adhesion
  • Perforation
  • Nerve Damage

  • These complications could happen weeks or years following surgery. Those who sought medical attention regarding countinual complications have been known to be turned away by professionals, their concerns brushed off. Others must return to surgery where their issues may or may not be resolved with another operation. Either way, the odds are not in their favor.

    How Many People Are Affected

    Medical errors are one of the leading causes of death in the United States, but in some cases, surgery is the only option. Hernia occurrences are one of these cases, and every year over 1 million hernia surgeries occur in the United States alone. The most common hernias occur near the abdominal wall or groin and are a bulging of tissue or an organ from a perforation near these areas. These are called the ventral hernia (abdominal) and inguinal hernia (groin). Over the past decade, products made to amend hernia, but they have not been made well.

    The Kugel “Hernia Patch” was one product that became infamously known as “unreasonably dangerous”, but was only the beginning. Medical device companies continued to create toxic mesh products that led to serious complications and sometimes even death in patients. In recent years, those affected have started to share their stories, spurring a rain of legal action against manufacturers across the world. Lawsuits are being filed against manufacturers that claim surgical mesh caused severe health problems in patients. Billions have been reward to those who’ve experienced these types of complications. With one company alone there are over 1,800 potential lawsuits.

    What Next?

    The behavior of large manufacturers is atrocious. Their negligence has led to the suffering of thousands of people and should not be tolerated. At Bernstein, DeCailly & Marshall, PLLC, we fight against manufacturers like Ethicon that neglected their due diligence by refusing to inform surgeons and consumers about the potential risks of their products.

    Bernstein, DeCailly & Marshall, PLLC helps our clients find justice through legal action and financial compensation. Many who have experienced complications following a hernia operation are entitled to financial compensation that can be used to repay medical bills and other expenses. If you have had complications following hernia procedure and would like to find out how much money you may be entitled to, contact Bernstein, DeCailly & Marshall, PLLC now for a free case consultation.

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