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August 15, 2018
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Hernia mesh lawsuits boom - Yet market is projected to grow

According to a recent report, hernia repair devices are projected to be a $10 billion business by the year 2025. This may come as a shock to some after numerous multidistrict mass tort lawsuits have sprung up across the nation due to defective hernia mesh devices harming patients.

Hernia mesh devices are solutions for certain types of abdominal hernias. But although these devices are designed to prevent tissues and/or organs from bulging through gaps in the abdominal muscle, some of them are made with faulty or substandard material and are known to cause pain, infections and other complications.

Despite surgeons defending mesh, many victims suffer this pain and discomfort with little outside help.

The industry must be taking a hard hit as the number of plaintiffs filing against the defective medical devices continues to soar -- last count at 784 plaintiffs involved in over 600 federal cases around the nation. So why is the projected growth of this industry so high?

Well, one reason may be that leaders in the hernia repair market have started to make new advancements. One is drug-eluting hernia meshes. These are said to “reduce the chances of infection cost[s] due to its antimicrobial activity,” as a press release on the matter states.

No doubt the industry has a lot of improvements to make; however, big medical device and pharmaceutical companies have yet to convince us of the safety of these new advancements. Many women and men suffer from hernia issues and must have viable, safe solutions. The rising demand for better and more advanced meshes along with technological developments in the medical industry means that the market has a solid future.

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